How do I add a new employee?

You can add a new employee by navigating to the relevant company and clicking on ‘Add employee’ or you can simply invite the new employee.

Copy employee

Is a former employee re-hired? Will an intern become a regular employee or will an employee continue to work after retirement?

Set up ESS

Enable ESS (per company) so that your employees can view their documents such as payslips via a handy app, but you can also easily change data via the same app

Entering changes for existing employee

You can make changes to the schedule, the salary, or the address, extend a contract, add an ICE contact, or change the phone number or e-mail address.

Reporting a termination

If you want to report a termination, you will have instant access to an overview of legal grounds for dismissal.

How do I add variable wage components?

Easily enter hours and days worked, bonuses, and other one-time codes for a specific period.

How do I generate a change report?

View submitted changes online or generate them in a handy report.

Company car

You can add a new company car or adjust the personal contribution as needed.

Import variable wage components

Import your variable wage components

The e-mail field is empty in eveHRyday?

We only register one e-mail address in eveHRyday.

View and download attachments

For security reasons, you can only access attachments if you have an eveHRyday account.


Add notes to an employee’s ID card.


When and who will receive an email.

Organisation manager

An organisation manager is the accountant or the payroll administrator.

Communication via mobile app

Place a welcome text or general announcement directly at the top of the mobile app.

Business manager

A business manager has access to one or more companies.

Set up Nmbrs integration

Get help creating an integration between eveHRyday and Nmbrs.

Company documents

Make your employee handbook or other important business documents available to your employees in the mobile app

Necessary API calls for Nmbrs

If you only want to enable necessary API calls in Nmbrs.

Default employee (Nmbrs)

Always set up a default employee

Add a company

As an organisation manager you can add a company

Add a new user

Add new users yourself to your company or eveHRyday environment.

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