Entering changes for existing employee

Making changes to an existing employee

You can use the identification card to make changes for existing employees. All components are collapsed by default. The right period is determined based on the date the change is submitted. The remuneration type (monthly or four-weekly) will be determined. If you want to submit a retroactive change or a future change, enter the start date in the ‘comments’ section.


Points of attention

Some changes always require a specific start date, such as schedule, salary, company car, and employment type.  Wage tax credit also requires a date; however, in this case, the first day of the period serves as the start date. For example: a start date of 14-08 will be booked as period 8 in Nmbrs.


Schedule and salary

When changes are made to the schedule or the salary, eveHRyday will automatically require a start date. This date will be booked exactly as is. If the schedule changes during the month, enter the exact start date.


Company car

More information about company cars can be found here.


Contract extension

Once you have logged in, there will be a line with the number of fixed-term contracts that will expire in the next 60 days.

When an employee's contract is extended, click on the contract extension button. First you indicate whether it concerns an extension for a definite period of time or for an indefinite period of time. If you opt for a fixed period, you enter the number of months for which you want to extend the contract. Click on apply and eveHRyday will create a new contract with a subsequent effective date. You can still change the dates before you submit the contract extension. The field Number of contracts will be automatically filled if there is an active integration.


Position, manager, department, cost centre

If you want to change the position, manager, department, or cost centre and the option is not included in the drop-down menu, ask your payroll administrator to add it to the environment.