How do I add a new employee?

This can be done in two ways. You can send the employee an invitation or create it yourself.


1. Invite employee

Invite your new employee via the "Invite employee" button. All you have to do is enter the email address and possibly select another language. Optionally you can add a personal message. Then click on the "Invite employee" button.

At that time, we will check whether the message can be delivered and if not, you will be informed immediately.

Your new employee will receive an email message containing a button, the magic link, which will take him directly to a page where the personal information can be entered without having to create an account. He can also directly indicate there whether the payroll tax credit should be applied.

As soon as your new employee has entered and sent his details, you will receive an email.



If your new employee does not respond within 2 days, a reminder will be sent automatically, after 5 days a second reminder will be sent. If your new employee has still not submitted anything, you as an employer will receive a reminder after 7 days. You then have the option to cancel or resend the invitation.

Fill in data (in advance)

After you have invited the employee, you can already fill in the details such as contract, salary, etc. After your new employee has entered and sent his details, the status - which can be found via the menu option employees on the left - will change from invited to concept. Once all other mandatory information has been completed, you can register the new employee.


2. Add employee yourself

You can easily add new employees in eveHRyday. There are several validations and required fields that will help you complete the form. The address will be generated automatically based on the postcode and house number, as will the BSN and IBAN numbers.

You can’t add a new employee until all required fields have been completed; however, you can save it as a draft and finish it at a later date.

Click on Employees in the menu to the left. Then click on + Add employee. Complete all required fields marked with an asterisk (*). EveHRyday will check to make sure the employee number isn’t in use to prevent adding duplicate numbers.  

The date of initial employment is used to determine the registration period. If this date is before the start of the current period, the employee will be registered retroactively (TWK). Please note: if the initial date of employment was in a previous year, it cannot be registered in eveHRyday. Instead, you will have to contact your payroll administrator.

Finally, you can add comments and send attachments (max 7MB).

Click on Save as draft and eveHRyday check that everything has been entered correctly. You can then submit the change.

Once it's been submitted, the employee will be immediately registered in the salary package. The annual salary with special wage tax (jaarloon BT) will be entered automatically and the selected employee type will ensure the correct default employee settings.