When will a notification be sent.

For every submitted mutation - if an email address has been entered at the tenant - an email will be sent to the tenant with an overview of the mutations, an email will also be sent to the "cc" e-mail addresses entered as standard cc or cc recipient added to the mutation.

When a new user is invited, he or she will receive an email notification once, also when clicking on "send again" he will receive another email once.

Invited new employees will receive a maximum of 2 email notifications in addition to the invitation email. First time 2 days after sending the invitation, 2nd time 5 days after. When the company manager resends the invitation, this also generates an email notification.

The user who invited the employee will receive an email notification as soon as the employee has completed and sent everything. If the invited employee does not respond, an email will follow after 7 days to the user who invited the employee.

With a mutation via the employee's self-service app, an email notification is sent to the email address entered as contact email, if no contact email address is entered, all company managers will receive an email notification.