Copy employee

When to copy?

The most common situations in which you make a copy of an employee:

  1. an employee is re-employed
  2. an intern is employed as an employee
  3. an employee continues to work after the state pension age


When not to copy?

When you extend a contract, you do not need to create a new employee, if in doubt, contact the person responsible for payroll administration.


Why copy?

When the tax sequence of an employee changes, this is mainly due to social insurance, you are obliged to give this employee a new tax sequence number (Dutch: IKV). As a result, the Tax- and Social security office know that there are (or have been) multiple income relationships for this employee. When you make a copy, eveHRyday automatically ensures that the IKV is increased.


How do you copy an employee?

Go to the employee list and set the filter to "inactive".

Then select the correct employee and click on "copy".

The employee is copied. We only copy some basic data. Information such as address, bank account, etc. may be out of date, so we ask you to re-enter it. Furthermore, this works the same as a new employee.