How do I add variable wage components?

How does it work?

Click on Variable changes in the menu to the left.

This will open an overview of the variable changes that have been saved as drafts and previously submitted. The first column is the period in which the changes were booked or will be booked. Click on a line to open it and see its contents (sent status). Hover over the icon to the right of the value to see who booked this change. If the line is still in draft status, you can edit or delete the contents. 


New variable changes

Click on the button + Add variable change in the top right and select the relevant booking period. Generally speaking, this should always be the current payment month. Next, click on Create.

You will then see an input form with your active employees (vertical) and the available standard codes (horizontal). At the top right next to the search bar is a filter button, which you can use to filter your results. For example, you could set it to display all employees in the same cost centre or department, or you could add inactive individuals.

Your organisation manager determines which hour codes and wage codes are included by default in your standard overview for periodic entry and whether days can be entered. Other codes can be made available that you as a company manager can add to that month’s non-recurring variable changes.

On the first line of the form, to the far right, you’ll see a gear icon, which you can use to add wage codes to this period's changes. If you do not see a code, contact the organisation manager, which is usually your payroll contact person.


Draft status

You can create the same period as often as needed and you can change, edit, and delete the variable changes as long as they are in draft form. For example, you could create one draft for on-call employees and another for bonuses or office days.


Sent status

When the variable changes have been sent, they can no longer be changed. This is because they have already been forwarded to the salary package. If you want to add new variable changes, keep in mind that previously sent changes cannot be overwritten but must be added again. 


Change report

To request a report of the sent variable changes, click on the relevant line. At the top left you’ll see the button Export. This button allows you to download an Excel report. To the far right you’ll see a list of all users per line who have made changes. To see who made which change, go back to the online overview and hover over the profile icon to the right of the value.