Reporting a termination

To report a termination, go to the left menu and click on Employees, then select the relevant employee and click Employee terminated.

Always enter the last day of employment and select the reason for termination in the drop-down menu.

Transition payment

If you select an involuntary dismissal reason from the drop-down menu and indicate that no transition payment will be awarded, eveHRyday will prompt you to confirm that no transition payment will be provided.

You can enter the transition payment and after submitting it will be paid by your payroll administrator for this employee with the correct settings.

Leave and reservations

You can then indicate whether the leave should be paid out immediately and, if applicable, edit the leave balance. You can also indicate whether reservations such as holiday pay or a 13th month should be settled this period or next period. Please note: this is not processed automatically.

Enter a personal e-mail address if applicable.