Add a company

If you are an organisation manager, you are authorised to add a company to your eveHRyday environment.

Here we describe how you can do this if you have an active Nmbrs integration.

On the ‘Business’ page, click on ‘+ Add company’. Then enter the name of the company and click ‘Save’. You will then be taken to the settings page (see below).



A copy of all e-mails sent via the system (particularly those regarding changes) will be forwarded to the e-mail address provided in the field Contact e-mail address. You can also enter one or more standard e-mail addresses (separated by commas) in the field Standard e-mail CC.

Then select the relevant Debtor in your Nmbrs environment. Next select the timeframe (monthly, weekly, or four-weekly). This is used to determine in which period or month the changes are entered. 

Enter the hours per week (set to 40 by default) and the reservation percentage (holiday allowance set at 8% by default). We use these settings to calculate the annual salary with special wage tax (jaarloon BT).

Click ‘Save’.

For the Nmbrs Company ID, select the company for the relevant debtor. 


If you choose a Nmbrs environment with several companies per debtor, repeat the above steps for each company. This means you can select the same debtor multiple times for different companies.

If applicable, enable PAWW to include this company on your PAWW declaration.