Set up the expense claims module

Go to the settings page via the left menu expense claims. Then click on the gear to the left of the export button.



Before you can start with the expense claims you have to create the categories. A category is the type of expense claim. Think of "number of kilometers", "lunch with colleagues", "lunch with customers", "public transport".


Type and code setting

At type you indicate whether it concerns an amount, distance or quantity. In the cases of distance and quantity, you also enter a unit price.  For the travel costs (distance) it is set at system level which part of the travel costs must be booked as untaxed, everything above that goes to the 2nd code. In the code field you enter the code for the untaxed and taxed travel expenses respectively, separated by a comma.

With amount and quantity you always only have 1 code. A code can only be set if there is an active integration with your payroll software. Please contact your payroll provider about which code(s) you can enter here. If no code is entered, the claim cannot be paid through the salary administration.


Description by language

You can set 2 languages for each category, Dutch (NL) and English (EN). An employee who has set his telephone to English will see the English description, for a Dutch-language setting the Dutch description.


Automatically approve

With automatic approval you can set whether an expense claim is allowed to go through in 1 go. For example, set lunch to 25 euros in the category and every expense claim up to and including 25 euros will be automatically approved and will also be sent directly to the payroll software with an integration.


Invoices and receipts, directly to your accounting software

If you want to forward the claim including the attachment after the claim has been approved, move the slider to the right under "Send e-mail upon approval". Also make sure that an attachment is required. Under company settings you can enter the desired e-mail address on the tab declarations.


Payment of the declarations

The declarations for which a code has been set will automatically be forwarded to the payroll software after approval. The payment is made through the payroll administration.

If you do not enter a code and have an e-mail sent after approval to the financial administration, the claim can be paid through the financial administration.